Insomnia Facts

What is insomnia?

Have you ever suffered from insomnia? In other words, do you face the difficulty of falling asleep and staying asleep at night? So what causes it? Often times, insomnia is caused by multiple reasons, such as not getting enough rest, hunger, psychological trauma and so […]

What causes insomnia?

The causes of insomnia

Regardless of the types of insomnia, the causes are the same. The difference lies in the intensity of emotions a person experiences for a set amount of time. Besides that, underlying medical conditions can also cause insomnia. Fortunately, insomnia is treatable in most cases. These […]

Treatment for insomnia

Insomnia cures – natural

Go Camping When the lure of the TV or fiddling on the phone keep you up late at night, it’s time to grab the tent and go camping.  Stay away from electronic devices and enjoy a digital detox once in a while. Put yourself in a distraction-free […]

Getting a good night’s sleep

Effective ways to get a good night’s sleep

There are so many things that can affect the ability of a person to achieve a good quality of sleep every night. One of these factors is an uncomfortable sleeping environment. Those people who usually sleep in places that are always surrounded with light have […]

Living with insomnia

Living with insomnia

Having this disorder for any amount of time will cause a massive negative impact on the mind. Besides memory loss, insomnia also results in tiredness, carelessness, and lack of alertness the next day. The mind and body both need rest in order to function well […]